10 Zodiac Combos Who Will Have A Summer Fling This Year And 10 Who Won’t

We all can’t wait for the summer to hit! With the warm air filling the sky and the breeze in our hair while we drive with the windows down, there is totally nothing better! The only thing to make the experience even better is hopefully landing a summer fling during our favorite season!

While we could only dream of taking long walks on the beach with a special someone, some of us will actually be lucky enough to hit the jackpot. With the earth heading into a whole new universal shift entering summer, our dating luck is totally going to change depending on our Zodiac sign. That’s why we’ve gathered our astrology experts to figure out which zodiac pairs are in for the perfect summer fling and those who aren’t as lucky.

While we recommend following the advice listed below as it’s based on your internal energy, you’re the only one in charge of your future! Follow what’s in your heart and peruse any love interest that you think can work. Just promise us to always put yourself first and never settle for anything lesser than your standards! You are absolutely awesome and deserve everything, especially a summer fling.

So get ready to figure out if your sign is in luck this summer running off into the sunset with a new lover, or if it’s never going to work out. Keep an eye out for these Zodiac signs that match yours and enjoy the best months of the year!

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20 Cancer & Scorpio: You’re Meant To Be


Make sure to keep this awesome catch by your side this summer as you’re totally meant to be. The two of you have managed to hit it off and are all over each other!

We couldn’t imagine two people that are more obsessed with each other than you two! The best part about your newfound relationship is that you two are meant to be. We’re serious; look into perusing your newfound love once the summer ends to see if you actually have a viable new relationship.

This person is totally all over you and for good reasons.

They’re actually caring and thoughtful, compared to the terrible relationships you’ve found yourself in the past. Make sure you keep them by your side, as you don’t want to lose this special person. Show them your attention and do little things to really manifest that you care about them. Try picking up coffees, buying them a little token just because it reminded you of them or print out photos of the two of you together.

This Zodiac sign is totally going to adore this attention, as it’s something they seek. Even though the two of you are meant to be, beware of some outside competition trying to steal your new boo from you. They’re just totally awesome and everyone is desperate to grab a piece of them.

19 Cancer & Aries: It’s Not In The Cards For You


We know you wanted to have fun with a cutie summer, however, it’s just not in the cards for you. Don’t worry! This is totally not forever and is only for a short period of time this summer. You might be hating on the universe for doing this to you. However, you should actually be thanking it as it’s forcing you to focus on yourself this summer instead of stressing over not having a boo.

You’ve been through a ton during the year and it’s time for you to relax and focus on yourself. You have to work on your relationship with yourself and working on rebuilding it. You’ve totally lost touch with what you really desire and have been ignoring what’s really going on deep down inside your heart. Take a couple of months to really figure out what you desire from your life and what you’re going to do to achieve your goals.

Focus on rebuilding yourself and creating all of the happiness you truly desire. There’s no point of running away with a summer fling when at the end it’ll be over and you’re again left alone. Take the time to take a look at all of your problems and make detailed plans as to what you’re going to do to fix them. You’re one of the most dedicated people out there. So this summer, dedicate your time to yourself and your own well-being!

18 Pisces & Sagittarius: No Frills Attached


You two are a total fun duo meant to have a good time. Both of your Zodiac signs are complete party animals that love to go crazy and make some awesome memories. The two of you together are total partners in crime ready to make some insane stories. It seems as if the universe just brought you guys together as a perfect match.

While the two of you are so compatible on a social level, you aren’t exactly the same on a deeper level and that’s totally fine! You two are meant to be the perfect summer fling, but not much more past that.

Not every couple is meant to build a relationship off of their spark, such as you two.

Don’t worry about what’s to come in the future and instead focus on one another! Everyone loves you two together as you’re such a fun match. Live in the present with this special person and dedicate your whole time to having such an awesome time! Make memories that you’ll never forget and live a little on the edge. Now’s the time to go a little crazy as you have fewer priorities during the summer months. Let loose, stay up later, and have fun!

17 Sagittarius & Cancer: Focus On Your Friends This Summer


Summer is the perfect time to let loose and have a good time. We know you’ve been keeping an eye on a special someone opposite from your sign. However, we would advise you against it. Your relationship with this person will totally not work out as there are some troubled waters for you this summer. The universe is setting some unlucky energy in terms of your love life.

Don’t be worried! Instead, take the time this summer to focus on other things rather than finding the special someone. This bad energy will eventually pass and you’ll be able to meet someone by the end of the year.

Instead, this summer focus on your gorgeous friends. Spend time with them doing a ton of fun activates you’ve been waiting for to do with the warm weather. We totally see the best road trip for you and your friends this summer going to that special place you’ve been longing to go. Pack up your car, grab a few bikinis and some sunscreen with your girlfriends and hit the road. There’s nothing like close friends to be there for each other!

You literally know deep down in your heart that this summer is the time to better your relationship with these special girls. It’s your time to truly thank them for always being there for you during everything you’ve been through.

16 Gemini & Libra: This Can Actually Go Somewhere


The two of you are totally the cutest couple we’ve ever seen. Both of you are able to accentuate each other perfectly. Your characteristics fit each other just like a puzzle!

The Gemini counterpart is incredibly giving and is always trying to impress the Libra. This is often shown through giving gifts or just by giving their precious time. The Libra counterpart is also incredibly loving and genuinely cares for the Gemini.

Even though the both of you are meant to have the most perfect summer fling, there might be more to come in the near future.

Since the two of you fit like a puzzle piece, there’s no reason you shouldn’t try to make it work once the summer ends. We do have to warn you that it will be much harder to upkeep your relationship and it might not be as spontaneous as it is during the summer. However, since you guys are so into each other and are tremendously caring, there’s no reason you guys shouldn’t try it out!

Try to spend some one on one time together and get to know each other on a deeper level. We know you have chemistry, but try to find that inner magic that’s really going to make it work. If your relationship is meant to be, it will totally work out!

15 Virgo & Virgo: Better Luck Next Time


We could only wish for endless love and to always have a good time. Sadly, this summer isn’t that for you. You may have your eye on a certain Virgo, however, the two of you are not meant to end up together for long.

Virgos are one of the most complex Zodiacs out there, and may also be one of the craziest. Their emotions are always racing with mixed feelings about everything. They are also one of the most internally difficult people to understand. Their constant changing options, secret motives, and strategic mindset keeps everyone around them on their toes.

Sadly, this also causes for a complex relationship when two Virgo’s fall for each other. Since both are incredibly complex individuals, it’s difficult for the two to truly connect. The truth is not always spoken, and mind games are always being played. It’s truthfully a headache of a relationship to find yourself in. That’s why you could only dream that you and another Virgo would have the best summer fling ever.

Instead, the truth is that you’ll most likely find you and your partner going crazy trying to compete with each other. However, if you truly feel that you and another Virgo are hitting it off, give it a shot once the summer passes.

14 Virgo & Capricorn: Make The Most Out Of Your Summer Fling

The ideal summer fling only comes once in a while. It’s when two perfect strangers make their way to one another and have the time of the lifetime. Luckily, it’s in your cards this summer but only with the proper Zodiac sign. The Virgo and Capricorn due are one of the most ideal couples this summer as their energies are on a perfect frequency.

While we can’t promise that your relationship will be more than a summer fling, we do know that you both will have an amazing time this summer.

That’s why the best advice that we can give is to make the most out of your summer romance!

Do all of the cliché things you have always dreamed of having someone to do them with. Go to huge beach parties with each other and your friends and dance the night away. Throw a big bonfire and watch the stars together while making some fire-roasted marshmallows. Try some water activities and let your competitive side shine a little. This is the perfect time to invest all of your energy into one another and have the most amazing time possible! We couldn’t be rooting for another couple to connect as much as we are for you and your summer fling.

13 Libra & Pisces: Steer Clear Of Their Lies


While many believe that summer flings end by the end of the summer, we all hope they could continue on. The good vibes of the summer mixed with the warm air and free spirits all around make it the best time of the year. It’s also the best time for relationships as everyone is so ready to have a good time.

While this duo could form a little summer fling, beware of your new boo. They might constantly feed you lies that your relationship is totally different and that it’ll grow into September. Yet based on your past failed relationships, you can totally spot a lie at this point.

Don’t take all their lovey-dovey comments too much to heart, as there is no guarantee that it will last between the two of you. Even if you’re being adored endlessly and told how much they love you, don’t take it too seriously. If they haven’t laid down the big question of asking you to be their official girlfriend, there is no guarantee it will last.

Have fun this summer but don’t get too attached, you don’t want another heartbreak to end off the awesome summer. That’s totally the wrong vibe to have when heading into September.

12 Leo & Aquarius: The Perfect Couple


Your friends are going to be totally jealous this summer when they lay eyes on you and your new babe. The two of you are one of the most gorgeous and ideal couples that we’ve ever laid our eyes on!

Better yet, your frequencies are on the same currencies allowing you to connect and harmonize with one another. The stars in the galaxy have totally shifted for you to find your perfect partner for a summer fling, and hopefully much more. The Leo Zodiac is incredibly dedicated and protective of the Aquarius. While the Aquarius is absolutely loyal and working their best to offer as much of themselves as they can to the Leo.

We’re thrilled that the two of you wandered into each other’s paths and were able to find each other.

Spend as much time together as you can manage, as that will only strengthen your bond.

There is no way that you guys could get sick of each other as we couldn’t think of people happier.

You might find yourself becoming a tad worried that you and your newfound lover are moving too quickly. However, you guys are going at a perfect speed since you’re so attracted to each other. Let loose and let the other person see what you have within your heart.

11 Aries & Taurus: Do Your Own Thing

A summer fling for an Aries and Taurus couple just isn’t in the works sadly. We know you’ve been eyeing a special someone opposite of your Zodiac, but sadly it just won’t work. We can actually pinpoint the issue of the hypothetical relationship and that’s a lack of respect on both ends.

The Aries and Taurus duo don’t usually work together as both hold a ton of past aggression on issues that aren’t fully resolved. This dynamic would drive the couple crazy, as even more issues would unfold at the most unexpected times.

That’s why the best advice that we can give this summer is just to focus on yourself and your own vibe. Don’t stress about this specific person, as it just won’t work out this summer. While you might think your relationship may still work out since it’s only a summer fling, this idea is completely off.

The both of you will still manage to drive each other crazy since you’re not an official couple. Fights would break out regarding jealousy non-stop. In the sake of your mental health, we literally beg you to not form this relationship and instead just focus on yourself. By the end of the summer, you will totally feel even more powerful and in tune with your internal energy!

10 Sagittarius & Taurus: Make Some Perfect Memories


You should thank the stars every night that you were able to manage to find such a perfect person. While it might only be a summer fling between the both of you, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be having a wonderful time with one another.

We know that it’s been incredibly hard and stressful for you lately. With school and work, you’ve been dying to finish up and get to experience the wonderful summer weather with your family and friends. We’re happy you’re finally able to experience this calm time and were able to meet someone special.

While we know you wanted a more chill summer to spend some time on your own and relax, don’t give up on the wonderful opportunity you’ve been given to have some fun. The universe totally saw all the stress you were under and decided to let you loose and have a good time. This fun person that you’ve met is perfect for a fun summer fling to let your mind wander off of all your stresses.

Forget about anything holding you back and immerse yourself in love and having a good time.

Try some fun new things with your new boo that you’ve never thought you would. Everything crazy from skydiving and snorkeling to classic activities such as going to the beach and hikes. You’ll find yourself having a blast at whatever you do this summer, as you’re so desperate to have a good time.

9 Gemini & Leo: No Dice


Whether you’re obsessed with the Gemini’s charming personality or the authenticity of Leo’s sweetness, this duo will never work out in a million years.

Throughout the articles, we told the Zodiac pairs that will never have a fling this summer but that the curse is only for a short period of time. However, the Gemini and Leo couple will never have their stars align in order to run away happily ever after. Sadly, these two’s characteristics are so tremendously different that being together would turn into a living hell.

The Gemini is incredibly dominant and always does what they want. They have their passions and pursuits aligned and totally understand what they have to go to get. Also, they luckily adore themselves and make sure to never settle for less than what they deserve. While these are some awesome characteristics, they can be pretty harsh at times to those around them.

Leos, on the other hand, are a much more delicate people. They’re considerate of others and their needs but hold a lot of negative energy when things don’t go their way. They’re one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet, but sometimes it can feel as if they are wearing a mask.

Based on these completely different personalities, the two never mesh in any circumstance. They have completely different outlooks on life and the world. While the pair might be cute in theory, in practice it’s a recipe for disaster.

8 Virgo & Pisces: You’ll End Up As Friends At The End


We all assume that Summer Flings have to come to a fast end as the sunshine and jeans shorts go away. While most do, only a few transforms into a dedicated relationship. Sadly, neither of these options will come about for you. Instead, you and your summer boo will end up as friends.

While we’re almost certain that being friends is what lays in your cards, don’t take our word for it. Just because nothing will transform out of your summer fling doesn’t mean it shouldn’t happen.

This is still your time to get to know the other person in front of you that you’re interested in.

Go on a few dates to truly get to know one another and their intentions.

If you feel that you two are hitting it off on a romantic level, then dive head first full of love. If you instead feel as if you’re not destined to be together, pull the brakes and stop. You don’t have to lose this special person in your life as just another summer fling. Instead, consider becoming friends again by the end of the summer as your energies would be better off not on a romantic level. Either way, follow your heart and decide on your own what you believe the best step to be!

7 Gemini & Gemini: It’s Just Not Working Out

The Gemini is one of the strongest Zodiac signs out there. They are totally ambitious and dedicated to their passions. These awesome people know exactly what they want and how to have a great time, that’s why it seems only right that they end up together.

Yet sadly, this duo has no chance at working long term, as both Gemini’s will just keep angering each other. You totally understand your Gemini nature at always trying to be the best at whatever you do. While it sounds like a good idea to be paired with someone just as hardworking as you, it’s a trap. The both of you will instead be constantly competing against each other rather than trying to better your relationship and bond.

A relationship is not a competition and instead is endless support. If you’re feeling contempt for your special someone as they accomplish their goals while you cant, you’re totally doing something wrong. Keep your distance from other Gemini’s this summer, as your romantic relationship has no chance of working out. Instead, try becoming friends as the both of you could totally have a healthy completion going between the both of you in order to stay motivated and dedicated.

6 Gemini & Capricorn: Just Give It A Shot


We know you currently don’t believe that you’ll find your summer lover based on your current options. But don’t worry, the perfect person is actually right in front of you! Even though you might not feel this way at all, trust us.

The next time you come across a guy at a bar or party who isn’t exactly your type, give them a shot.

You’ll be absolutely surprised as to who you might fall in love with when you let your heart do all of the work.

Remember that nothing bad will happen if you just give someone a shot. The worst that could happen is that you end up as friends. Instead, the best outcome is you fall in love with them and live happily ever after.

Try to get to know this person a little better. Give them the benefit of the doubt that maybe the two of you will hit it off and it will all work out! Depending on your Zodiac sign, keep an eye out for your perfect counterpart as we can guarantee that you’ll have one of the best summer flings. You’re not going to live forever, so feel free to give love a shot this summer to someone who doesn’t usually catch your eye!

5 Virgo & Cancer: You Could Only Dream


We could all only dream of running away with our perfect lovers through the ocean having a good time. A summer filled with love, sand, and sea. Sadly, this dream will not come true this summer for you.

While many of our Zodiac signs are luckily able to experience an endless summer of love, you won’t be. Whether you are a Virgo or Cancer, your opposite counterpart isn’t as invested as you are in a relationship. While you’re willing to pretend that you’re fine with only a short-term romance during these hot months, you’ll actually end up incredibly heartbroken.

Your summer fling is not dedicated to you or your well-being at all and would run away at any moment. That’s why the universe made sure to stop any summer flings between the Virgo and Cancer’s coming about in order to prevent a heartbreak on your end. Instead, you have to stand up for yourself and fight for a real love instead of a fling.

Don’t let anyone use you by telling stating that they love you when they aren’t truly invested. You deserve the world and not another player to lie to you. That’s why we hope you work hard and focus on yourself this summer!

4 Capricorn & Aries: Let Loose And Enjoy


Summer is meant for letting loose and having the best time ever. That’s why luckily for you, you should prepare for some endless nights and extravagant experiences.

The Capricorn Zodiac in this duo is always looking for a good time. Everything from last minute parties, music festivals, and some thrilling activates. The Capricorn isn’t scared to step outside of their comfort zone in order to have a good time! They understand that life is short and it’s their responsibility to make the most out of their lifetime. We totally respect the Capricorns desire to make the most out of everything and couldn’t wish more to be friends with such a cool person.

The Aries Zodiac, on the other hand, is a much quieter and prefers to follow the rules. You always know the outcome when you follow the rules, but not when you take a risk.

Since the Capricorn is always stepping outside of the box and the Aries prefers to stay within the box, they make the perfect pair.

It sounds pretty surprising that these two would catch each other’s eye, but we totally see this pair coming across one another. The Capricorn is the perfect person to help the Aries let a little loose and enjoy life. They’re able to show them a new way of life that they were to frighten to explore on their own.

3 Leo & Capricorn: One Of You Will End Up Heart Broken


Summer flings are totally awesome and one of the best experiences out there. Luckily you’ll be able to experience one, but not exactly with the best outcome. While you and your new lover will have the best time with each other this summer, we can’t promise you the perfect ending.

We can promise you awesome dates and bonding time, but when the summer comes to the end, so does your newfound relationship. While we can’t exactly predict which one of you will end up heartbroken, we can guarantee one of you will be distraught over the other.

This is an incredibly difficult issue to figure out, as we can’t advise you whether to pursue this person or not. The memories that you will make are truly once in a lifetime type that many could only dream about. You’ll feel so tremendously alive and obsessed with your life. Yet, in the end, it will all crumble down as you and your summer fling will come to an end. It’s your responsibility to figure out if the experience is worth the heartbreak. You also have to be respectful and base your decision on whether you or your summer lover will be left the heartbroken one.

2 Scorpio & Taurus: Match Made In Heaven


Congrats on having the stars align perfectly for you and your newfound love. The Scorpio and Taurus duo is the most perfect pair to experience a dream love story. Get ready for the ultimate summer fling, as the two of you will spend most of your time together! The both of you totally understand one another on a deeper level. You couldn’t have dreamed of finding someone better than the special person you have.

If you’ve managed to come across your soul mate this summer through this Zodiac pair, don’t let them go. The universe decided to bring you someone amazing that you’ve always dreamed of!

You both support each other non-conditionally through everything you go through.

You’ve realized that at this point this isn’t just another summer fling and that it could actually work out.

If instead you’re on the other side of the spectrum and haven’t found your perfect someone, keep looking. Your perfect someone is out there for you and is waiting to be found! Don’t give up on your perfect summer romance because you haven’t found your dream lover. The universe is on your side this summer and is making sure that your internal frequencies attach the exact person you’ve been manifesting!

1 Libra & Aquarius: Run The Other Way


While we all wish to come across our perfect someone, it isn’t exactly meant for us all. Sadly, a Libra and Aquarius duo will not work out for you this summer. Instead, the best advice that we can give you is to run the other way from this pair.

We totally understand that it’s hard to find the right person, but sadly this match is not in the stars for you this summer. This totally isn’t the news you want to hear but it’s the truth. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have any chance at a summer fling, you totally do. It’s just a Libra and Aquarius match is not in the photo.

If you happen to meet a special someone of your Zodiac counterpart, run the other way as quickly as you can. The two of you will not vibe at all this summer. Instead, a ton of issues will arise making you question why you even decided to give this relationship a chance. You might truly believe that it could work out between the two of you, but you will quickly see that it’s not the case what so ever. You deserve to be in a happy relationship with no constant fights or issues. That’s where a good time will derive from!

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