FBI Statistics Say THIS Is The Most Dangerous Zodiac Sign

There are several external factors that influence an individual’s actions and character. For instance, the upbringing and environment too, play a role in determining how an individual develops, and the habits and tendencies of the individual. Some things, however, are still present that cannot be explained, and are an innate quality.

For instance, Aries people are extremely determined, while Leos are bossy and Virgos have trouble with the concept of forgive and forget.

Recently, the FBI published the birth dates of serial killers and psychopaths which has helped analyze which zodiac signs are more likely to exhibit criminal behavior, and which are not. Let’s take a closer look and check it out!


Geminis are the least dangerous of all zodiac signs. They are extremely kind hearted and good people, and don’t take life too seriously. Their only bad quality is that they talk too much, which can definitely end up annoying someone, but not killing anyone.


Aquarians are also pretty harmless, and while they can be smart, they have a big ego too. Even if they do commit a small crime, it can be very hard to prove them guilty, because they are good at hiding evidence. Aquarians have a rational mind, which is why, it is probably impossible that they would actually kill someone.


Leos have a big ego, and they think highly of themselves and do not hesitate to share their success with others around them. They like to have control over everyone and everything and it is always their priority to be respected and listened to. While they do have a dominating personality, the chances that they would engage in a crime are slim.


Librans have a calm and patient personality which makes them great listeners. They are also good at asking for advice, and are loyal to their friends and family. While they are generally calm, they can also lose their temper at times if people treat their loved ones badly, and then that happens, things may not go well, and it is a possibility that the Libran may kill in an anger outburst.


Virgos tend to be quite sneaky. They have some of the features of a criminal, but they would not choose violence and murder. They often commit smaller crimes.


It can be hard to imagine Pisces in crime since they are so loving and caring, but it is also important to note that they have little self control. Sometimes, they can become insecure and unstable which can make them dangerous. It has been found that Pisces have trust issues and they can easily become addicted to things and people. A few famous serial killers were found to be born under this sign.


Capricorns are a dangerous sign. Statistically it has been found that they are behind a lot of mass murders. It is not a good idea to provoke people who are Capricorns or make them angry, because they can be extremely dangerous.


Aries are hot headed and can lose their temper super fast. While their anger does not last long, they can often get crazy and aggressive, but not the killing type though. However, it is best to not test the waters and provoke them to check it out.


While Taurus people may not be serial killers, they can be frauds because they love money and luxury so much. This love can take them to bad and dangerous paths, and when they get angry they know how to protect themselves and can get aggressive as hell.


Sagittarians are the craziest of all signs. They are great manipulators and controllers and also turn out to be excellent leaders. On the downside though, it is these qualities that also make them mass crime committers for example Ted Bundy, Pablo Escobar, Joseph Stalin have all been Sagittarius born.


Statistics have shown that a good number of serial killers are born under the sign of the Scorpio, which is not a surprise since they are known to be extremely intense, passionate, loyal and unpredictable. It is a good idea to be careful around people with this sign.


Cancerians are the most dangerous of all signs. This comes from their lack of control over themselves and their manipulative behavior. They also exhibit passive aggressive behavior which makes it more difficult to understand them. They also have the tendency to become jealous and feel more intensely than any other sign, which is why, they may commit murders and other crimes if someone hurts their loved ones.

In conclusion, it can be easily said that there are certain qualities that shape and influence us. While every Cancer and Scorpio might not be dangerous, it is a good idea to pay extra attention to any individual’s behavior. If your instincts tell you something is wrong, trust it, because it is always right.


FBI Statistical Analysis of Birth Charts Of Serial Killers HERE

Statistical analysis of the birth charts of serial killers


Written by Laif Beck

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