Here Activities You Can Do During Corona Virus Quarantine A/c Your Zodiac Sign

If you can no longer find what to do at home while the coronavirus is quarantined, you can have the best options, according to your personality, which gives you the zodiac sign.

According to our personality, we can carry out certain activities that keep us entertained and keep our minds busy. During these days of confinement by the quarantine recommended by the authorities in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, we will tell you the activities that you can do, according to your zodiac sign.

And it is that, as the days pass, it seems that our ideas are exhausted, and that anxiety wants to make a presentation before so many hours without social coexistence. But, all is not lost, first of all, take a deep breath, and take note of what you can do according to your sign. Surely you will not be bored!

Aries Coronavirus Quarantine Activities

Being the fastest and courageous of the signs of the zodiac, the ideal for you is to carry out some type of powerful and fast physical activity, such as high impact sports that you can do, even in small places, such as the patio of your house or a department.

An example of this can be aerobics, diving, rhythmic gymnastics, spinning, or even jumping rope.

Taurus Coronavirus Quarantine Activities

Contrary to Aries, Taurus is a more relaxed sign, so the perfect activity for them should be the calmest, like yoga or meditation. Another perfect option is to make crafts such as painting or sculpture that let your creativity run wild. Singing is also a good alternative.

Gemini Coronavirus Quarantine Activities

For Geminis, it is enough to find a good story, and give the imagination a free run, through reading. Grab a book and eat it from start to finish. After you finish it, you can open a discussion with someone you trust who has also read it and thus encourage socialization.

Another good option is to do meditation exercises and listen to music, in order to deal with the anxiety and stress that always destroys you. Cheer up!

Cancer Coronavirus Quarantine Activities

Cancer zodiac is a kitchen lover, this quarantine can be used to develop yourself trying to make that dish that you wanted to do long ago. Dust off the recipe menu and take flight cooking for you and your entire family, Cancer.

In addition, you can try doing outdoor activities (without leaving your home, obviously) such as planting and planting, growing organic food, and you can even include your children in this great activity.

Leo Coronavirus Quarantine Activities

You don’t need to leave home to let your talents out. Find yourself a song, dance or body expression class online, and let the artist in you out, Leo.

You can also opt for meditation, which will greatly help you relax. Try to expose yourself a little to the sun, it will be a great help for your mood.

Virgo Coronavirus Quarantine Activities

Live together as a family and try board games that challenge your mental activity, such as chess, sudoku, crossword puzzles, marathon, etc.

In other free time, grab a book that catches your attention and start reading it. You will see that you will be hooked and you will not be able to leave it until you finish it, Virgo.

Libra Coronavirus Quarantine Activities

If you are one of those who had put aside a makeover to your house due to lack of time, this is the perfect opportunity to get down to business. Start redecorating your home, using technology, looking for fashion options on the internet.

Once you are finished, you can opt for meditation and relaxation, through aromatherapy. You will feel relaxed and rested after a long day, Libra.

Scorpio Coronavirus Quarantine Activities

For the people of the Scorpio sign, the most entertaining thing they can find is to sit in the armchair with some popcorn in hand and enjoy horror, fear or suspense movie, or a book of the same style.

If you are with your family, at night they could dedicate themselves to telling stories before sleeping, and in addition to fighting boredom, they will promote peace.

Sagittarius Coronavirus Quarantine Activities

Take an online course that is to your liking, such as the history and culture of other countries, or it is never too late to study a new language, and this is the ideal time for you.

If you like to write, you could start writing a story or a novel. Cheer up, Sagittarius! You have the talent to spare.

Capricorn Coronavirus Quarantine Activities

The Capricorn can choose, according to their personality, you have to perform yoga or meditation to manage stress, and simultaneously, fight back pain.

Walk, even around your house, or up and downstairs. You will see that you will spend that gained energy, and you will keep moving.

Aquarius Coronavirus Quarantine Activities

Try to keep yourself distracted, Aquarius. An excellent alternative is to do activities and video calls with your friends, or send them a little message to catch up.

On the other hand, a good book will also be of great help to cross these days of confinement, especially those of science fiction.

Pisces Coronavirus Quarantine Activities

For Pisces, gambling will help them get through these days in the best way, for example, playing cards, or listening to classical music and watching movies of their interest.

Live with your family who is nearby, holding evening meetings and reviewing their stories, there is always something new to know about people.



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