How Each Zodiac Sign Wants To Be Kissed On New Year's Eve

Pucker up!

Getting kissed on New Year’s Eve is pretty rad, if I do say so myself. But in my opinion, I don’t think it matters who you get kissed by when the clock strikes midnight.

Be it your girlfriend, your best friend, a stranger — as long as you get a kiss on New Year’s, I think it makes your year a whole lot more special and lucky. And for that matter, I don’t think the kiss needs to be on the mouth to “count” either.

Of course, a nice big smack on the lips is always nice; a kiss on the forehead or cheek can be just as special. 

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In fact, some zodiac signs even prefer their NYE kiss to be more than just a tongue down the throat while the fireworks go off. Really romantic, right? Wrong.

Just because there are a million and one ways to have your New Year’s Eve kiss, there are still a ton more special ways to actually do it besides the way mentioned above.

Based on astrology, you might already have a preference (or a hope) for how your kiss should go down. And since it is almost the end of the year, you need to start seriously considering how you want to enter 2018.

I haven’t always entered the new year with a kiss. What actually happens (at least for the past few years), is that I have been bullied into eating pickled herring by my grandma.

If you have never had pickled herring, count yourself lucky. It is honestly one of the worst tastes in the entire world and I would rather have that sloppy tongue-down-the-throat kiss at midnight instead of this. It tastes like fish that’s been sitting in the sun for a year that was dunked in expired pickle juice at the last minute. Okay, some people (my grandma) don’t think it’s that bad, but just trust me. It is. Anyway, I digress.

Your New Year’s Eve kiss is special. So, how you receive it should be exactly to your liking.

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And if you’ve got a special someone, you should brush up on exactly how they want to be kissed on New Year’s Eve. Remember, this is how you’re going to greet 2018, after all.

Do you want your new year to be full of love, happiness, and luck… or pickled herring? Choose wisely.

Some horoscope signs want their want their socks knocked off and a big smooch on the lips, while others want that special someone to take their time and really make the moment last. So, which one are you?

Read on below to find out how to kiss each zodiac sign on New Year’s Eve.

ARIES (March 21 – April 19)

New Year’s Eve is one of Aries’ favorite times of the year because it’s all about having a good time and looking forward to the future. Aries already has all of her goals and resolutions set for the next year.

So tonight is all about having fun and enjoying some good quality champagne. But even if she’s bouncing around from party to party or group to group throughout the night, Aries still wants to be kissed at midnight.

Just like the turning point from one year to the next, Aries wants her kiss to be magical and memorable. By no means does she want it to be sloppy or quick. Her kiss should be different, too; don’t just stick to the lips.

Start with a kiss on the lips, then move to her neck and maybe even her nose. She’ll enjoy a kiss that isn’t just “normal” because it’s much more memorable than just a drunk NYE kiss at the end of the night.

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TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)

Not only does Taurus want a really good New Year’s Eve kiss, but she also wants it in a certain place at a certain time. You might be out at a party together, but right before midnight, take her outside where it’s less crowded and a little quieter.

And before even thinking about planting one on her, pull her close and put your hands on her waist, her butt, or in her hair.

Taurus wants a kiss that is very passionate, one you could swear comes with romantic music when you finally make contact. It should be deep and smack dab on the lips — with a little tongue, too.

Don’t get too weird or crazy about the whole thing, but it will certainly make the kiss a lot more interesting with a little tongue instead of none at all. Make the kiss last, too, so that you’re still lip-locked after midnight strikes. 

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GEMINI May 21 – June 20)

Expect Gemini to be all dressed up and ready to party on New Year’s Eve. She loves all parties, but tonight is extra special because it’s welcoming in a brand new year.

Gemini will want to make the entire night memorable, from the time she gets to the party to the kiss she gets at midnight. And as for the kiss, she wants it to be as over-the-top as her outfit.

When I say over-the-top that is exactly what I mean. It doesn’t matter where she is or who is around her, Gemini wants a kiss that is out of this world and as wild as she is.

That means bending her backward, full-on making out, and even adding a little lip biting. She’ll be so totally wowed that she might just float right out of the party and all the way home afterward. 

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CANCER (June 21 – July 22)

Cancer doesn’t really care where her New Year’s Eve kiss happens or who’s around her when it does, as long as you make her feel special and loved.

For Cancer, New Year’s Eve is a night to put everything behind her and just relax. So, the best way for her to relax is to close out the evening with a kiss that reminds her that next year is going to be better than the last.

A kiss with Cancer on New Year’s Eve should be soft, yet full of love. It doesn’t have to be passionate and it doesn’t have to make her swoon, as long as it’s meaningful.

Mix in some deeper kisses with little pecks, and keep your focus on her lips and face. Cancer is also a big fan of hugs and hand holding, so when you go in for that first kiss, pull her close and wrap her up in a hug even after you stop kissing. 

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LEO (July 23 – August 22)

Leo loves to have fun on New Year’s Eve, but even though she wants to be the life of the party, she wants her NYE kiss to be private.

She’s the type of person to get to a NYE party fashionably late and leave early. Not because she’s bored, but because she’s looking forward to a quieter after-party with a guest list of two people: her and bae.

Leo isn’t looking for a sloppy New Year’s Eve kiss, but she does want to make sure that you’re as into it as she is. Hold her tight and listen to her body. The more she pulls you closer (and even moans), the more she likes the kiss.

Don’t shy away from using a little tongue, either. Leo just wants her NYE kiss to be the perfect ending to the perfect night. 

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VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)

While Virgo might not choose to go out and party all night on New Year’s Eve, she will certainly make sure that she’s surrounded by her favorite people as she rings in the New Year.

Since this night is a night full of tradition, Virgo wants her kiss to be classic and perfect to complete this evening. In other words, there is no need for you to get fancy with your kiss — just kiss her, sweet and simple.

Virgo would much rather her NYE kiss be done with perfect technique instead of using your tongue, hands, or moves to enhance it. You know that perfect kiss that every romantic comedy has at the very end that makes your heart swoon?

Yeah, that is the kiss Virgo wants. Not the one with too much saliva or too many butt grabs. Keep it simple and she’ll be happy. 

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LIBRA (September 23 – October 22)

Libra is the type of person who knows you care about her without you having to prove it via over-the-top gestures or crazy make-out sessions. But she does like when you remind her, even in little ways, that she’s special.

You don’t have to be in a serious relationship with her to let her know she’s the one you want to kiss on New Year’s Eve; let your kiss do the talking.

However you kiss her — and there are a few ways you could approach it — your kiss with Libra must be meaningful. Anything less than adorably cute and it’ll feel more like a handshake to her than an actual kiss.

And because Libra doesn’t mind trying new things, her NYE doesn’t necessarily have to be on the mouth. Mix it up by kissing her on the cheeks or the forehead… She might even like a small, sweet one right on the lips. 

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SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21)

New Year’s Eve is the night for Scorpio to let loose and have fun with her best friends. She’s been working hard all year, so the only thing on her agenda for the evening is to get drunk and get kissed at midnight.

Being Scorpio, she definitely wants her kiss to be passionate and fiery — which, if she drinks enough bubbly, won’t be a problem (she gets affectionate when she’s drunk).

The perfect kiss for Scorpio on NYE is a French kiss. But remember to let her set the pace. Just because she’s been drinking and she’s giddy during the countdown, that doesn’t mean she wants you coming at her with your tongue all over the place.

She’ll set the pace once you make contact. Plus, Scorpio is amazing at French kissing, so you’ll definitely want to let her take the reins on this one. 

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SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 19)

Sagittarius has been looking forward to New Year’s Eve since way before the snow started falling, so you can bet that by the time the end of the year rolls around, she already has all of her plans worked out.

And when it comes to her NYE kiss, she wants it as playful and fun as her NYE plans. That means planting a kiss on her as the fireworks go off and everyone around the two of you cheers.

Keeping the kiss light and experimental is key with Sagittarius. Kiss her all over her face and neck, and remember to save her lips for last. She’ll be punch-drunk the rest of the evening and she’ll love how cute you’re being.

Sagittarius will definitely want that kiss from you though, so make sure you remember it’s not only about the chase. 

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CAPRICORN (December 20 – January 19)

Capricorn is looking for a successful night out when it comes to her New Year’s Eve plans. She might start the evening out with her family and then move on to drinks with her best friends, but no matter how she plays it, a NYE kiss is definitely on her agenda.

And not only that, but the kiss should be perfectly timed. That means planting one on her as soon as Auld Lang Syne starts to play.

When kissing a Capricorn on New Year’s Eve, the kiss should be conventional, yet perfect. You don’t have to try to impress her to actually make an impression on her.

What she’s really looking for is a kiss right on the lips, with the perfect amount of pressure to knock her off her socks and help her ring in the New Year with a huge smile on her face. 

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AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18)

Aquarius’ only item on her New Year’s Eve agenda is enjoying herself. That might mean keeping it low-key at home with a bottle of champagne or going all out with her besties at a bar, but however she does it, she doesn’t want to stress about what will happen at the end of the night.

Even if she doesn’t have someone special to kiss at midnight, you better believe she’ll give her BFF a big kiss anyway. She’s not ringing in the New Year without some love, after all! That said, don’t leave an Aquarius to fend for herself when the clock strikes 12. Give her a smooch!

When Aquarius anticipates that NYE kiss, she doesn’t want it to be awkward. The moment you hesitate before kissing her will be the moment she finds someone else to kiss.

Kissing her should be as natural as possible and, most importantly, spontaneous. Don’t overthink it; let your body take the lead. When you get too caught up in your head, you end up losing the moment with her for good. 

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PISCES (February 19 – March 20)

Pisces isn’t one to rush through her New Year’s Eve plans, no matter what they consist of. All she wants is to live it up, and she knows that there’s going to be a whole evening to enjoy friends, food, and fun.

So, when it comes to her NYE kiss, it doesn’t necessarily have to be at midnight or even on New Year’s Eve at all. If she’s with someone she really likes, she will wait patiently (and excitedly) for the perfect kiss.

For Pisces, the perfect New Year’s Eve kiss happens when the mood strikes. So, even if you’re a little nervous, she might initiate it when she feels ready.

The only thing she cares about is making sure you take your time and don’t rush into it just to say you had a NYE kiss. She wants the kiss to be perfectly romantic and soft right on her lips. Make it something she can dream every single night in the new year!

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