How many children will you have according to your zodiac sign

Girls, do you agree with the prediction of astrologers?

According to astrologers, how many children you have depends on your zodiac sign. How many children do stars predict to representatives of different signs?

1. Aries: a large mother warrior

How many children will you have according to your zodiac sign

Astrologers believe that Aries women can become mothers of at least three or four children. Typically, representatives of this sign have a strong relationship with the father, so they themselves are often inclined to play the role of dad in the lives of their children. Aries – confident parents. Their relationship with children can be very sweet, but when they lose their temper they don’t want to listen to anyone.

2. Taurus: serious mother of twins

Taurus can become a mother of two children with a small age difference between them. Taurus is always trying to support his family. Representatives of this sign never criticize their children and believe that they themselves realize that they have made mistakes. They can, without exaggeration, be called flawless mothers and ideal hostesses.

3. Twins: The Unpredictable Twin Mom

There is a high probability that a Gemini woman can bring exactly twins into the world! Representatives of this sign, as a rule, are very sensitive and vulnerable mothers. They are incredibly attached to their children and are not afraid to tell them that their mother is not as strong as it may seem.

4. Cancer: responsible mother of two children

Stars predict that a Cancer woman may have two children with some difference in age. Cancers are considered to be among the most caring mothers who feed simply immense love for their children. Representatives of this sign have the ability to influence other people and give them full support.

5. Leo: Mom from 2 to 4 children

According to astrologers, Lions can become mothers of two to four children. Female Lions are very good-natured mothers. They are proud of their children and dream that they succeed in all areas of life. Lions want children to grow up honest and conscientious, which they teach in the period of education.

6. Virgo: organized mother of the 1st child

Unlike other signs of the zodiac, Virgos tend to be more careful about their motherhood, therefore, most likely, they will have only one child. Representatives of this sign can be difficult to express their feelings towards children, but they are very practical, intelligent and truly understanding mothers.

7. Scales: a balanced mother of 2, 4 or 6 children

It seems that Libra women really love balance, because stars predict that they can become mothers of 2, 4 or 6 children. Scales are one of the best moms who always strive to give their children the very best and will never allow outsiders to tell them what to do.

8. Scorpio: eccentric mother of many children

Mother Scorpio is able to raise several children and love each of them equally strongly. The determination and independence of Scorpions is often passed on to their children. Representatives of this sign are especially sensitive and always show care and support.

9. Sagittarius: the adventurous mother of the 1st child

Sagittarius women are incredibly adventurous and always move forward, which may prevent them from becoming mothers of more than one child. Sagittarius is very energetic and independent. They have high hopes for their children and want them to be smart and ambitious.

10. Capricorn: triple super mother

Capricorn usually has no problems raising children, and the stars predict that they can easily cope with triplets. Mother Capricorns are very sensitive and caring, but at the same time demanding of their children.

11. Aquarius: the adapted mother of the 1st child

Stars predict that Aquarius women are likely to be the mothers of one child. Representatives of this sign want their children to be sociable and open to new knowledge. Sometimes, because of their eccentricity, Aquarius can have disputes with their child.

12. Fish: good-natured mother of 5 or more children

Pisces is very easy to educate children, which is why astrologers predict them a large offspring. Fish tend to always encourage their children, because of what they can grow spoiled and undisciplined. Girls, and you are satisfied with the number of children that astrologers predict you?

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