The Type Of Breakup Method He’ll Use Based On His Zodiac Sign

Breakups are always stressful, even when they’re amicable. It’s not easy to move on and get used to life without the person you’ve been loving. But, it’s also true that how someone chooses to break up with you goes a long way to either minimizing the emotional impact you’re experiencing or making it worse. You can only hope that they’ll deal with the breakup in a kind way that gives you closure.

What breakup method would your boyfriend use based on his astro sign? If he’s a Taurus guy, you can expect him to do the decent, gentlemanly thing. That means, he’s likely to meet up with you in person so you can talk things through. He’s definitely not the type to send you a break-up text. On the other hand, a guy born under the sign of Pisces will drag his feet when it comes to ending a relationship, and he might even try to make you end things so he doesn’t have to make such a big decision. Ouch!

Here’s what you should know about the way in which different signs treat breakups and why they resort to those methods, so you might be able to see a breakup coming before it strikes you out of the blue.


Aries is spontaneous

Sometimes the Aries man doesn’t think things through. He just jumps in and makes hasty decisions. This can be a good thing, such as when he’s adventurous and spontaneous, but it can be bad during arguments. When you get into a heated argument with Aries, beware – he might be the one to end the relationship during a fight. As reported by She Knows, you might find your Aries man cools off during a fight, keen to end the argument as quickly as it began. But then there’s that one day when, instead of cooling his temper, he breaks things off with you in a flash. Woah!

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Taurus won’t change his mind

The Taurus guy isn’t the type to dump you via text or on the phone. He’s much too good-hearted for that. He’d rather meet with you in person to talk things over and discuss why he feels the relationship isn’t working anymore. You can expect the breakup to be rational and kind. Bear in mind that once a Taurus decides to end the relationship, he won’t change his mind easily. Symbolized by the bull, the Taurus man won’t budge once he digs his heels into the ground! In fact, as reported by Your Tango, if it happens that he regrets breaking up, he still won’t come back. But, at least you’ll have closure, right?

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Geminis will drag it on

The Gemini guy might resort to phoning you to break up with you, instead of seeing you in person. Why? Because he’s going to be very conflicted before making the decision to break up. Gemini can be a bit indecisive at times, so he might even prolong the breakup. As Your Tango reports, this could make it even more difficult for you to get over him because he’s likely to text you afterward and say he wants to talk things through or he wants to apologize. The worst thing, according to the site, is that Gemini will make the breakup last much longer than it should. Pure torture!

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Cancer are sensitive

Is there anything worse than being dumped via text? Of course, any guy under any astro sign can do that, but some Cancerians tend to be more prone to this behavior. It’s not because they’re hard-hearted. In fact, it’s the opposite. They’re completely broken-hearted and don’t know how to deal. They can’t bear the thought of breaking up with you in person or hearing your voice one more time, so they resort to using text to end things. But not just a snappy text. Expect long pages of how much they loved you and why they feel it’s time to end things.

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There’s no holding back a Leo

When your Leo BF wants to break up with you, he’s likely to do it in public when you’re having dinner or at a party. Yup, don’t be surprised if your breakup scene ends up on social media. As reported by Women’s Health, Leo is in tune with when they feel insignificant in a relationship, so he’ll want to make sure you know how he feels. If he’s angry or frustrated, he’ll shout it out and he doesn’t care who hears it. It might help to steer him to a quieter place so you can concentrate on what he’s saying without feel like free entertainment for other partygoers.

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Virgo avoids conflict

The “slow fade” is a stressful relationship trend. It’s when someone slowly fades out of their partner’s life instead of having a decent breakup. The Virgo man is a candidate for choosing it. He’d rather avoid conflict as much as possible, as is a characteristic of Earth signs. As reported by Allure, when the conversation can’t be avoided, the Virgo will try to end things by saying, “It’s not you, it’s me.” They don’t want to upset you, but they don’t want to get into a battle about why things went wrong, either.

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Libras can be ambiguous

If you’re going through a difficult time with your Libra boyfriend, don’t be surprised if he suggests taking a break instead of completely breaking up. While that might confuse you, it’s his way of using ambiguous language to initiate a breakup, asAllure reports. See, some people born under the sign of Libra like to keep their options open when it comes to relationships instead of having rigid boundaries, the site goes on to explain. The important thing is not to have hope that your relationship break is going to end up being a relationship sequel, it probably won’t.

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Scorpio get straight to the point

Brace yourself. Being dumped by a Scorpio can really hurt. That’s because he’s likely to just blurt out that he wants to end things, completely taking you by surprise, as reported by Your Tango. You’re left shaking your head, while he’s saying things to hurt you. Yup, the scorpion definitely uses his sting from time to time! The site goes on to say that Scorpio guys aren’t the type to beat around the bush so when they’ve had enough of the relationship, you’ll know, and it’s not always with kind words.

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Sagittarius might ghost you

Getting ghosted is the worst. Sadly, ghosting is very common, with almost 80 percent of single people saying that they’ve been ghosted, according to a Plenty Of Fish study that was reported by Bustle. The Sagittarius man is likely to choose ghosting as his preferred breakup method because it gives him the chance not to have to deal with a messy breakup. He won’t dwell on it for long either, even if he later realizes how harsh this breakup method was. He’ll move on quickly to find a new exciting relationship or fun thing to do.

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Capricorn will put his emotions aside

Although the Capricorn guy is loyal and will work hard to maintain a relationship that he feels is good for him, when he decides to break up with his partner, he’ll put his emotions on the back burner. He’ll keep things businesslike and meet with you to discuss things in a levelheaded way. As reported by Allure, Capricorn is an Earth sign that faces reality head on. They also see heartbreak as a way of life, so this practical and determined sign will deal with the breakup, then wash their hands and move on.

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Aquarius wants to stay friends

When Aquarius breaks up with you, he’s likely to say, “Let’s stay friends.” It’s easy to think that he’s just saying this to ease the breakup, but if he says it to you, he really means it. That’s because Aquarius is known for being honest. He can cut off his feelings and appear quite unemotional to focus on logical thinking, which is similar to Capricorn’s breakup style. This behavior can make the Aquarius guy seem a little uncaring during a breakup, but that’s because he’s not one to tell you what he thinks you want to hear. Whatever he does say, then, you can believe to be honest.

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If you hate uncertainty in relationships and breakups, dating a Pisces guy might feel quite stressful. He has some great qualities, such as being creative and intuitive. But, on the flip side, he hates any difficult situations. As reported by Allure, Pisces prefers to swim away from relationships, leaving more questions than answers behind. Ouch. So, if you’re dating a Pisces guy who’s making you feel like he’s trying to push you to end the relationship, you might just be right because he doesn’t want the responsibility.

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