This is What the September 22nd Equinox Means for Your Zodiac Sign

This is What the September 22nd Equinox Means for Your Zodiac Sign


Ah! The September 22nd Equinox is here

Did you know that this equinox is actually considered as a turning point of the year?

Yes. This means that the cycle of the stars comes to a halfway point with the September 22nd Equinox.

It is also the time when you should look back at what you decided on the April 22nd Equinox and judge how far you have come.

Thus, it is a sort of completion of the astrological cycle. Also, the thing about Equinox is that it is named so because the day and the night are equal on this day. Therefore, the very idea of the Equinox shows that we must reach a balance or equilibrium of sorts at this time of the year.

We have to evaluate the good and the bad as well as distinguish the dark and the bright. The point is that of course we embarked on a journey in April which reaches a completion in September but we have to look at the results of this journey that we undertook and also the methods that we employed in order to undertake the journey.

This is purely because the ends are irrelevant if the means weren’t done with good intentions. 

So how will the 2017 September 22nd Equinox affect you?

Want to know? Read on to find out.

On September 22nd the Sun shifts into Libra. Libra has always been a sign that has been associated with balance; its symbol is also ‘the scales’ which reiterates what the zodiac sign stands for.

Also, Libra stands for accommodating other people and their opinions in our lives. It also reflects how compassionate and benevolent we should be to people around us.

Thus, the Sun shifting to Libra on 22nd September says that we should look at how we started and what our goals were during the last Equinox in March. Thus, the shift calls for re-evaluation and reassessment of things that have been done and the journey that has been chosen to do those things.

 The September 22nd Equinox highlights the balance that exists and thrives between the masculine and the feminine powers. But this Equinox is different because it is actually telling us to focus on our feminine energy more than our masculine energy. The feminine energy is associated with softness and understanding and this is exactly what this Equinox wants us to imbibe and assimilate.

Also, the Equinox is a time when we should remember to pause and reflect. It is actually a great time to think about what you have achieved and if you have worked hard for your goals, it is a time to have a laid-back attitude and just relaxes.

This is because we have almost spent this entire time slogging and draining ourselves. So why should we not relax a little and think about what we need to do next? Also, it is surely a good time to assess yourself and decide if you want to change the direction in which you are working.