What He Goes Crazy For In A Woman, According To His Zodiac Sign

The stars say he can’t resist this quality in a woman.

There are so many articles on what men and women want that it can be confusing and contradictory. Sometimes we just want a little clarity — and astrology can help with this. The stars can tell us what individuals born under certain zodiac signs are attracted to in other people, and the types of people they date, crush on and marry. 

It can be helpful to know if you have the quality or characteristic that they go crazy for. You shouldn’t change for anybody else, but if you do possess a certain trait that the object of your affection can’t resist, you’ll be sure to play it up.

When you use astrology as a guide, it’s best to take it very loosely — use it to form your own opinions and ways of behaving. Astrology is supposed to help you open your own mind and listen to what your instincts tell you.

We all have an inner voice that knows what’s going on, it’s just that sometimes we don’t choose to listen to it. If reading something about your zodiac sign or the zodiac sign of someone you love helps you to take action, then that’s helpful. Just don’t follow it too rigidly.

Don’t live your life according to what you read about astrology; look at what the stars say as suggestions or clues to how you should proceed.

Every person is unique even if they’re under the same sign, so you must adapt your thinking to include what you know about the person and what the stars say are the characteristics of that sign. Think of astrology as a trusted advisor whose counsel you take in and work with to form your own strategy.

That being said, here’s what he goes absolutely crazy for in a woman, according to his zodiac sign.

Aries men go wild for tomboyish/athletic women.

Taurus man are beyond attracted to a sensual and ultra-feminine women.

Gemini men are powerless against women who have a lively and intellectually curious mind.

Cancer men let down their defenses for warm, loving, and trustworthy women.

Leo men revel in women who are proud, confident, and extroverted.

Virgo will work up to being devoted to sensible, low-key, and rational women.

Libra men get stupid for flirty, confident women.

Scorpio men gets emotionally addicted to women who is his everything.

Sagittarius men are captivated by women who are exhilarating and electrifying.

Capricorn men go insane for women of character.

Aquarius men go for women who are unique and free-spirited.

Pisces find their soulmates in women who are modern-day hippie chicks.



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