You Don’t Want to Miss the First ‘Black Moon’ in 19 Years – Here’s What You Need to Know

In January we had the pleasure of taking in some pretty phenomenal sights with two Supermoons, one of which a super blue blood moon eclipse. Americans across the country woke up early to take in the sight, reigniting an interest in the astrological events that occur each year. It was said that, for those of us in North America, the super blue blood moon eclipse was happening for the first time in 150 years, a rare and stunning sight…

While February isn’t going to bring us anything nearly as rare, there is an astrological phenomenon worth discussing – the ‘Black Moon.’ Occurring for the first time in 19 years, this is essentially the opposite of what we experienced in January. How so?

January brought 2 separate full moons, one at the start of the month, and another as the month was coming to a close. February, however, will not have a single full moon in 2018. How does this happen? The event can only occur in the month of February, and it is estimated that it occurs approximately once every 20 years. On January 31st we saw the final full moon for January, and due to the fact that February is only 28 days, the next full moon will fall on March 1st.

Photo by Andrea Sonda on Unsplash


For those who are fans of sky watching, this is far less exciting than the super blue blood moon for one obvious reason – if a black moon means that there is no full moon, then there isn’t anything to actually watch! A ‘black moon’ isn’t something that can be spotted in the sky, photographed or witnessed in the way that one typically thinks of an astrological phenomenon. Instead, it is a term referring to the complete absence of an event.

Also referred to as the ‘Dark Moon,’ the terminology was invented on social media. While it may not be overly exciting for the astrological enthusiasts out there, those who believe in superstitions or the universal energy created by the moon phases will point to a number of different legends and theories about what the black moon may be predicting.

For some, the black moon is the ideal time to trim your nails or cut your hair, as this time in the lunar calendar as the ability to affect growth. Among those who farm or grow their own food at home, this signals an ideal time to begin planting, as plants that were first sewn during the black moon are believed to return a better harvest.

For those who practice Wicca, the black moon is believed to be an incredibly powerful time of the year. This moon is said to carry an incredible energy, magnifying any magical forces. For this reason, practitioners save many of their most important spells for the night of the black moon as it will allow for any spells or rituals to be even more powerful than they would normally be.

For others, however, the black moon is an incredibly frightening omen. As Amanda Cooper, a journalist for the San Diego Entertainer explains, “There are many superstitions about the black moon and many are fearing the worst with its arrival. One theorist states that the black moon signals the end of the world and the end of all life on earth. I guess all we can do is wait.”

Featured Photo by Renden Yoder on Unsplash